Cold Chain

KOSPA provides an integrated, cost-effective Myanmar logistics and cold chain solutions in an otherwise complex and challenging environment. With our multi-temperature warehouse, fleet of vehicles, and well-trained staff, we offer an easy and logical solution for your logistics needs in Myanmar.

We operate insulated docking stations, staging areas, and storage compartments to ensure that cold chain integrity is rigorously maintained in the warehouse. Our facility has full electric generator back up and maintenance and refrigeration protocols to ensure the integrity of storage temperatures and conditions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All of our staff - from cleaners to technician to drivers - receive regular and comprehensive training to ensure international quality standards and practices.

Our facilities and fleet support storage and transportation of product from -25C to ambient temperatures, so whether your product requires an air-conditioned environment or in a -25C freezer, we have you and your product covered. Additionally, we are able to meet your cold chain transportation needs with a fleet of vehicles ranging from 2 ton to 28 ton capacities, and a team of drivers who are fully trained in loading, transportation, and unloading frozen and temperature-controlled product.

Our real-time warehouse and truck temperature monitoring, warehouse management system, and well-trained staff ensure your products are excellently maintained and always within their required temperature range - from receiving and storage, through to delivery.

Regardless of your product’s needs, we provide transparent and compliant solutions for your Myanmar cold chain needs.