Kokubu Group Corp. is a Japanese company engaging in the import/export, warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing of foods. In addition, Kokubu Group has real estate business interests in Japan.

Established in 1712, Kokubu Group has over 300 years of food and beverage distribution experience in the Japanese market. Recently, Kokubu Group has expanded its business domestically and internationally, including China and Vietnam. In 2014, Kokubu Group entered into a joint venture with Yoma Strategic Holdings, Ltd., a Singapore-listed, Myanmar-focused company, to provide best-in-class cold chain logistics, warehousing, and distribution solutions to the Myanmar market and, as a result, is now a shareholder in the joint venture company, KOSPA Limited.

Kokubu Group strives to expand its businesses based on four key areas:

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In managing its business, Kokubu keep in mind the perspectives of "Koakinai". "Koakinai" with a commitment to provide efficient services that exceed the expectations of all the customers and suppliers, consistently delivering their unique capabilities and quality in each transaction, regardless of its size or value.Kokubu will continue to strive to make innovations that can improve its service to customers, partners, and suppliers whilst always stressing the importance of "trust" as Kokubu’s core corporate commitment.


Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd

Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd

Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd. was listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange in 2006 and has established itself as one of the leading conglomerates and real estate developers in Myanmar, with an enviable reputation for high-quality housing projects in the country. The company is affiliated with Serge Pun & Associates and First Myanmar Investment Company.

Yoma Strategic is building a business portfolio in Myanmar through rapid business expansion. In addition to its leading real estate presence, Yoma Strategic’s diversified portfolio includes consumer, automotive, agriculture, logistics, and tourism businesses. The group has also made several investments in infrastructure-related sectors together with established multinational partners.

Leveraging its experience in Myanmar and its strong emphasis on corporate governance, Yoma Strategic has forged strategic alliances with international partners such as Mitsubishi Corporation, Sumitomo Corporation, Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels, Yum! Brands, the International Finance Corporation, and the Asian Development Bank. These partnerships add to Yoma Strategic’s capacity to execute its business expansion strategy and continue to ensure that the company’s projects are of international standards.