KOSPA Limited provides cost-effective Myanmar logistics and warehouse solutions compliant with international standards to meet our clients' logistics needs. KOSPA operates a 4,500 square meter multi-temperature warehouse facility strategically located in Mingalardon, Yangon. This location ensures efficient access to key markets within Myanmar. Our warehouse facilities enable storage at the following temperatures:

  • Frozen (-25C to -18C)
  • Chilled (-5C to +15C)
  • Air-Conditioned (+15C to +25C)
  • Ambient (+25C and above)

With our ability to meet a wide range of temperature requirements, KOSPA will provide a Myanmar logistics and warehouse solution for your inventory management needs. We rigorously maintain the cold-chain's integrity with our insulated docking stations, staging areas, and storage chambers. All of these are part of our Yangon, Myanmar warehouse, so your product will be safe regardless of the environment. Our facility has full electric generator back up and refrigeration protocols, including real-time temperature monitoring, to ensure the integrity of storage temperatures and conditions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All warehouse machinery and equipment are maintained to ensure the highest standard.

KOSPA’s racked and open warehouse storage chambers are supported by a sophisticated warehouse management system to provide reporting, tracking, and shelf-life management flexibility. Regular inventory reports will help you streamline your inventory and shelf-life management, creating tangible and intangible benefits for your bottom line and your customers. Real-time access can be provided to client’s inventory data further supporting your security and management reporting.

KOSPA's warehouse also utilizes an industry-leading barcode scanning solution, for all temperatures, which is integrated into our warehouse management system. This enables accurate and timely inventory information, and efficient and accurate product receiving, picking, and shipment. All product packaging is labeled according to your inventory management requirements.

Contact KOSPA today to let us manage your Myanmar logistics needs.